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Wound Care Patients Results

At Tampa Bay Wound Care, we know one of the significant hurdles wound care patients face is access to care. From transportation problems to getting timely appointments for urgent issues, wound care patients and their providers have a long healing journey when consistent wound care isn’t available.

Consistent Care, Significant Results: Tampa Bay Wound Care’s Approach to Wound Care

Tampa Bay Wound Care patients see the following results:

Reduced hospital readmissions
Studies show home-based wound care patients experience significantly lower readmission rates. Our wound care patients receive consistent care that aligns with their treatment schedules and plans, resulting in shorter healing times.
Improved quality of life
Patients can focus on healing and enjoying their daily activities by eliminating the stress and burden of travel and appointments.
Lower cost of care
In-home wound care often results in cost savings compared to traditional hospital-based care, alleviating the administrative burden of coordinating travel to offsite appointments.
Greater patient satisfaction
Our patients consistently report high satisfaction levels with the convenience, quality, and personalized care they receive.

Patient Stories

Anastacio’s Results

Anastacio, an 88-year-old diabetic with a non-healing wound for over six months, faced multiple challenges: peripheral vascular disease, limited access to advanced healthcare, and a history of hospital readmissions. However, Tampa Bay Wound Care stepped in to provide the care he needed. We coordinated an appointment with a Vascular Specialist to assess his lower extremities for potential intervention. Successful revascularization improved blood flow to the wound, creating a more favorable environment for healing. We performed ongoing debridement to remove dead tissue and promote healthy tissue growth. We utilized advanced wound care modalities, including a skin substitute application, to further accelerate healing. Tampa Bay Wound Care’s wound care specialists collaborated with Anastacio’s primary care provider and home healthcare agency to ensure seamless care, prevent complications, and avoid readmission. Through our comprehensive approach and collaborative effort, Anastacio’s wound completely healed. This success resulted in high patient satisfaction, demonstrating the positive impact of coordinated and specialized care.

Erica’s Results

Following surgery, Erica faced a setback when her wound displayed delayed healing. Tampa Bay Wound Care provided her with convenient and essential wound care services directly at home. This included advanced treatments such as a molecular wound culture, specialized wound care techniques, and regular wound debridement. Through close collaboration with Erica’s primary care provider, general surgeon, and home health care agency, Tampa Bay Wound Care ensured a coordinated and comprehensive approach to her wound management. This collaborative effort resulted in a successful outcome – Erica’s wound healed completely, preventing further complications, unnecessary hospital visits, and the need for additional surgery. Erica’s experience with Tampa Bay Wound Care’s home care services satisfied her. The convenience, expert care, and successful results exceeded her expectations, demonstrating the value of Tampa Bay Wound Care’s patient-centered approach to wound management.

Frank’s Results

Following a non-healing wound and subsequent hospitalization, Frank’s case was referred to our team for in-home evaluation and treatment. Thankfully, Tampa Bay Wound Care facilitated his care by providing mobile X-rays, non-invasive vascular studies, molecular wound culture, and an innovative antibacterial wound matrix to promote healing. Through seamless collaboration with the Home Health Care Agency, we ensured Frank’s wound received the necessary support and healed completely. This proactive approach not only prevented complications and potential hospital readmission but also resulted in high patient satisfaction.

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