Navigating Care Coordination FAQs with Tampa Bay Wound Care

For Family and Loved Ones: Scheduling, Visits, and Wound Care Plans:

Navigating care coordination for yourself, a patient, or a loved one can be intricate, often raising more questions than providing answers. Below, we address some of the frequently asked questions to offer clarity and support:

FAQ for Family and Loved Ones:

Can I schedule a home visit for a loved one?
Certainly. We will gladly assist you in scheduling a visit for your loved one.
Will you contact me before coming to my or my loved one’s home?
Absolutely. We will always contact you beforehand to schedule and confirm a specific date and time before we visit your home.
Can I schedule a same-day home visit?
Depending on our availability, we can arrange a same-day visit.
How often will you visit my or my loved one’s home for wound care treatments?
Depending on the severity of the wound or any urgent changes, we can create a treatment plan tailored to your needs—whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our dedicated team is here to offer the support you require.
How many professionals will be involved in my or my loved one’s wound care?
Each patient will be assigned a dedicated support team consisting of their overseeing physician, patient care coordinator, and nurse practitioner.

FAQ For Medical Providers

How do I refer a patient?
You can refer a patient online or by calling us.
When should I refer a patient?
Patients with acute wounds, non-healing wounds exceeding 30 days, diabetic wounds, pressure wounds, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, those undergoing negative pressure wound therapy (e.g., VAC), or those in an SNF with a stage 2 wound or higher should be referred.
What services do you provide?
Our services encompass wound cultures, patient education and compliance, and more.

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